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Morning - in this sudden silence after the manic noise (or is it just my imagination?) ðŸ¤”🤪Anyway after all considerations, and this is probably mostly relevant to those living in our immediate vicinity, I have decided the safest, sanest and easiest way that *OUR little SHOP* can continue to provide the fresh farm eggs and other food stuffs our regular clients rely on, is on request. As it stands, I am almost guaranteed to be here ðŸ˜… So please Whatsapp Lani on 0826521794 should you need any supplies (please observe business hours 9am - 4pm, I am not doing any night calls ðŸ˜‹). All safety precautions with sanitizers and limited contact observed.
Items available while this stock lasts:

  • Fresh farm free range eggs

  • Frozen goats milk (Anysbos )

  • Goats Camembert, chevre and feta (Anysbos)

  • Olive oil (Anysbos)

  • Raw fynbos honey

  • Frozen boboti or chick pies

  • Peach chutney and other jams

  • Pickled olives

Best of luck to all during this trying and confined time and stay safe and sane. ðŸ‘‹ðŸŒº

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